Eco friendly

Eco friendly





Pattern development

Pattern development

Tailored to fit your needs

Looking for a reliable private label production partner for casual or city ladieswear? For every level of quality: contact Bell Rain! Our production ranges from blazers, jackets, pants, skirts, blouses and dresses to tops and shirts.

High standards

At Bell Rain we maintain high standards when it comes to production planning, procurement and financial planning. Transparency, cost effectiveness and fair pricing are key elements. Bell Rain is a flexible and reliable partner with a robust financial background, and fun to work with.



Our sales specialists are dedicated to establishing and maintaining mutually rewarding and long term relations with our customers. Our lines of communication are short, and we unburden our clients by taking care of all facets of the process, from start to finish.


Styling & Pattern Dept.

Creative input and tailored design solutions are ensured by our in-house styling department. Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of fabrics and trims, and our huge network of trusted suppliers.

Our designers and partners use the latest CAD/CAM technology. We develop patterns and samples for fitting purposes in our own sample studio and in Turkiye, using state-of-the-art LECTRA technology.



Production takes place at trustworthy, reliable production facilities in Eastern Europe, experienced in producing high quality garments. Our in-house team monitors production and quality closely.

Near sourcing, efficient planning and green delivery contribute to our limited footprint. We take care of export papers and coordinate final shipment to your warehouses.


The fashion industry takes its responsibility for environmental friendly production and sustainability more and more serious, and for good reasons. We at Bell Rain make sure our production takes place in environments that benefit the health of everyone involved in the process.

We offer our clients the opportunity to use recycled and organic materials such as Eco Vero, recycled cotton, organic linen and Tencel.

Short distances between our production locations and our facility in the Netherlands result in short lead times and green delivery, a significant contribution to our sustainability score. So do the solar panels that cover our offices and LED-lighting.

Invest in the future

At Bell Rain we invest in future talents by offering internships in order to keep our expertise alive, to stay futureproof and to grow as a company.

Our history

Klaas Steensma and Ruud Schulp founded Bell Rain some 40 years ago. The company has shown a solid track record ever since, expanding its client portfolio, while maintaining the atmosphere in which fashion, fun and friendship go happily together.

Work with us?

Bell Rain has customers worldwide and deals with them discretely. As a result, our customers take full credit for the private label products.